56, Harvey

Mia is no stranger to COVID – she battled the virus herself during the earliest days of the pandemic, losing her taste and smell before it was officially recognized as a symptom. But even after her recovery, the battle was far from over. A registered nurse and Director of Community Health & Programs at Family Christian Health Center, she saw firsthand the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on her patients and their families.

Nearly a year later, 56-year-old Mia has received both doses of her vaccine, and is encouraging others to do the same so she can get back to the activities and people she loves – seeing her family and patients in person and returning to church.

With her wealth of healthcare knowledge, Mia tells everyone the same thing when it comes to the vaccine. “You know your body best yourself, and so you have to make sure you get the facts. Make sure you go to reliable website and talk to your doctor. Don’t let your friends on Facebook tell you what’s the truth.”

You know your body best, so you have to make sure you get the facts