Lonnie H.
32, Chicago Jackson-Park

Lonnie’s Young Cuts is more than just where you get a trim or fade – it’s the heartbeat of the neighborhood. Its namesake barber, 32-year-old Lonnie, longs to fill the Jackson Park shop with chatter, laughter and camaraderie again.

Always one to see glass-half-full, Lonnie is grateful for the unexpected blessing of being home a lot after the birth of his baby daughter, Zella. “I was lucky, but COVID hit us hard. I believe in the science. I believe it’s a responsibility for all of us to get vaccinated”

Whether it’s his annual block party, $5 back-to-school cuts or telling everyone in his chair that he is getting the COVID-19 shot, Lonnie says the motivation is the same – supporting his community.

Do your research, because I personally believe in the science behind the vaccinations