Pete T.
34, Ashburn

Serving the community isn’t just in the name, it’s in the family, and has been since Pete purchased Pete’s Auto Service from his pops in 1993. Since then, he’s made sure everyone who drives through their garage doors stays safe on the road and feels like they’re a part of the family.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll – not only on Pete’s business but also personally. As a 34-year-old father of two, he has struggled to keep his family safe while making sure his technicians keep food on the table and his customers can afford repairs.

Pete is ready to do what it takes to get back to normal, for his business, his family, and even on the motocross track where he spends his free time. After all, like he asks his customers, “Do you really want to wear a mask forever?”.

If you want to get back to life as it was, do what you have to do