Regina C.
5 years of service

Throughout the pandemic, Regina made it her mission to keep her coworkers well informed, ease the transition to work from home, but most importantly, to let them know how much they are supported and appreciated. Outside of work, she’s gone above and beyond to fight COVID, helping to run several vaccine clinics through her congregation Bright Star Church Chicago.

Regina knows firsthand just how serious the virus can be – she contracted COVID in the fall and despite the “brutal” symptoms was able to make a full recovery. While she was fighting COVID and in the months since, she leaned into her faith and ultimately decided to vaccinate to protect herself from other variants of the virus. “It was worth getting my shot to not have to endure such a challenge the second time around.”

She encourages everyone to ask questions, do their research and take the time they need to be ready to vaccinate – if not for themselves, for someone they love.

My shot to appreciate my colleagues.